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Wholesale Blouse

57 Items found

Welcome to our store where business owners can buy readymade blouse wholesale rates. We have a fancy designer collection that is suitable for any occasion. There are multiple blouse manufacturers and suppliers in Surat but the kind of price we have to offer is amazing.

Choosing the right blouse for your saree is the most dominant thing to do. The entire saree look depends on the blouse that you choose to wear. It can be a contrast color blouse or a matching blouse with alluring sleeves pattern and neck design. They are made from different fabrics and are embellished with colorful stones and crystals that gives it a minimalistic look. It can be a sleeveless blouse, a short sleeves blouse or a full sleeve blouse and can pair it with different sarees to get a fashionista look.

As nowadays women search for stitched and readymade blouses we provide you with a range of them. At Wholesale Catalog you will come across a range of multiple varieties of blouse in different colors and fabrics that can be paired with a colourful saree or a plain saree. A backless blouse with tie up and hanging tassels increases the beauty of the attire. Different types of embroidery work are done on the blouse that makes it super attractive.

Blouse Catalog

Catalogue is a term used when any pack has got multiple collections. We have a blouse design catalog that has been sold most on physical and online stores. These catalogues are designed by our experts, which reflects the current trend.

Fancy Blouse

Getting a fancy blouse wholesale cost is easier at our store. This kind of collection is made with special attention by keeping occasion in mind. They are more suitable for partywear as they are heavy and bit shiny.

Blouse Bits

Beside getting a full catalog there are demands from reseller, trader and supplier that they require blouse bits in bulk at wholesale price and we do the same for them. Bits are single pieces that can be collected from our online store. Our store also deals with wholesale ladies dress material so one who needs just a fabric can also go for the same.

Types of Blouse

  1. Designer Blouse

    Just imagine you purchased designer sarees at wholesale rate and then you wear just a normal blouse then obviously it would not give that appealing effect. We have the largest wholesale designer blouse collection in multiple colors and fabric. Our designer collection is so awesome that it's hardly available on any store.

  2. Lycra blouse wholesale

    A Lycra blouse is perfect for daily wear and for occasion. It is made with human made fabric. Great thing about this is that it is fully stretchable and durable. The issue of looseness doesn’t occur here and adjust according to body shape. It is available in varieties of color combination and multiple shapes.

  3. Readymade cotton blouses

    Cotton is one fabric which is widely used in clothing. This fabric is lightweight and suitable for wearing during the summer season. We have got more one lakh ready cotton blouses available at wholesale price.

  4. Off-shoulder Blouse

    For a modish and voguish look you can choose to wear an off-shoulder blouse with a pretty plain georgette saree. The cape style off-shoulder blouse with golden zari work and shimmery diamonds look super stunning.

  5. Illusion Neck Blouse

    You will get a range of wholesale designer blouses with illusion neck and sheer details at our online store. These blouses are perfect for weddings and parties where you need a proper traditional as well as stylish look.

  6. High-neck Blouse

    If you have a rectangular-shaped body then a high neck blouse will look adoring on you. Neck design with a thin frill lace or a boat neckline printed blouse with three-fourth sleeves will look awesome with a plain saree having thin lace and some tassels at the edge of the pallu.

  7. Classical Neck Blouse

    Some simple necks that give an elegant and graceful look to the wearer and are the solution of every confusion is the classical neck blouse. They include patterns such as round neck, square neck and sometimes sweetheart neck with pipings for a dignified look.

  8. Collar Neck Blouse

    Stand collar, butterfly collar and straight collars are some of the famous collar patterns that are used to give the blouse an effective look. Wearing the blouse with a pleated pallu saree will look amazing. Cold-shoulder sleeves make a gorgeous pair with the collar neck.

  9. Sleeves Pattern of Blouse

    The sleeves are the most attractive part of the blouse. They can be long or short depending upon the pattern and design of the blouse. Many women prefer sleeveless blouses and many of them choose some stylish sleeve patterns for a stylish look.

  10. Quarter Sleeves

    They are usually till the elbow and have pretty embellishments with thin laces at the end of sleeves. A sweetheart neckline and a simple quarter sleeve blouse with a proper fitting will give the wearer a delightful look.

  11. Full Sleeves

    Net sleeves with wrinkles at the wrist and a press button looks amazing with a net saree. The sequin work net saree paired with the full sleeve blouse gives a gorgeous traditional look. Pairing some beautiful accessories with the attire will make you look more stunning.

  12. Bell Sleeves

    The one that is trending nowadays is the bell sleeves blouse. This blouse has a flared bell like sleeves that are fitted till the elbow and then flared from the end. These sleeves give an astonishing look to the blouse and can be a great party wear.

  13. Bishop Sleeves

    The long bishop sleeves with a cuff at the wrist and loose patterns all over the hand gives it a flawless look. The bishop sleeves blouse is usually made from playful fabrics such as georgette and chiffon that gives it a drastic appeal.

  14. Ruffle Sleeves

    You will get a wholesale blouse piece and even blouse with a frill ruffle sleeve here. It can be a single ruffle sleeve blouse or a multi layer ruffle sleeve blouse look amazing with a floral print saree. These ruffle sleeves add a minimal beauty to the blouse.

  15. Embroideries done on Blouse

    The embroidery work that you find on the blouse is done with the help of golden and silver threads, some colorful diamonds, pearls and crystals that makes it an excellent piece of attire.

  16. Zari Embroidery

    The zari or zardosi embroidery has been in trend since the 12th century. It never goes out of fashion and is crafted in different motifs and designs using the golden thread. It is usually done on silks, velvets and brocades for a magnificent look.

  17. Sequins Embroidery

    The shimmers and glitters are the latest pick of every girl nowadays. Sequin work all over the blouse and a tie-up at the back will make you gather thousands of compliments at the evening party. You can rock your glittery look at the party by opting for these beautiful blouses and a matching saree.

  18. Thread Embroidery

    Colourful threads used to decorate the blouse gives it an alluring appeal. A plain pastel color saree paired with the blouse in open pallu style looks astonishing. Some pretty accessories and smoky eyes with the attire makes a deadly combination.

Readymade Blouse at Low Rates

If you think that buying a blouse at a low and affordable price is a difficult task then you are wrong. You can get blouses in wholesale from our online store at discounted price and superior quality then you must have a look at our collection. We have printed as well as embellished blouses at cheap prices. As we are the leading blouse wholesalers from Surat you get an option to buy them in bulk and in a variety of colors that can be paired with any plain saree making a contrast match or a matching saree as per the color and designs.